5 Peppy Dance Ideas For Your Sangeet

By on September 1, 2015

The band baaja and baarat would surely come tomorrow, but for now and since the haldi is over, let’s focus on the best part of the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING. Especially, the pre-wedding saga of music, fun, laughter, mischief and plenty of aunties and mausis and chachis with PYTs gyrating to the top mehendi songs at the functions before D-Day.! Add some tadka and jazz in a whole new avatar at your wedding sangeet, and go ahead and read our five peppiest of the lot, wedding sangeet dance ideas you cannot miss out having at your function!

  1. Tera Hero Idhar Hai

Grab hold of mummyji and papaji, dadiji and dadaji, naniji and nanaji, and everyone in their grey-hair prime days too. Because this is going to be one awesome evening of dance, music, dramatic moments, tears of joy flowing times and more with the elders dancing around the bride-to-be. Ask the bride-to-be to sit in the middle of the room, while a peppy number by the groom is performed as the elders circle the girl forming a barrier of sorts. The aim is to have the groom perform at his best to woo his lady, and win her hand from the elders who keep her protected.


  1. Radha on the dance floor

This would be a competition involving the women from the boys side, who would have to gyrate and jig away to the peppy number- RADHA ON THE DANCE FLOOR, to prove to the girls side that the groom and his family members have the swag. Irrespective of the age group and sans the force, an impromptu group dance should be announced, and the bride-to-be would only end the soiree when she feels happy and content with the show!


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  1. Bole Chudiyaan for a mini-fashion show

At a sangeet wedding party, the aim is to have fun and to make everyone dance till wee hours of the morning, period. If you are running out of ideas and would want people to still be lively and energetic at two a.m, host an impromptu fashion show. The peppiest of songs here to play would be Bole Chudiyaan– K3G. Ask the women attendees to show off their dance moves, flash their costume jewellery and jingle away with the clanking sounds of their bangles. Once the moves and the song catches up, everyone would tap their feet away and join in!


Img Source : Youtube
  1. Kajra Mohabbat Wala

Go vintage with this song or burn the dance floor with the remix from the movie, Tanu Weds Manu, you still would have everyone present at the sangeet, tapping their feet if not dancing on the floor. The quintessential role-play of man teases woman with love is a classy act and one that brings in loads of laughter, fun and emotions too. Ready or not, you’d even find nani and dadi sheepishly smiling away at their respective husbands, bringing back memories of their sangeet moments.


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  1. Baari Barsi Khatan Gaya Si

The one song that plays across all wedding sangeet ceremonies, irrespective of the caste and denomination would be Baari Barsi Khatan Gaya Si, from the movie Band Baaja Baarat. The Punjabi Boliyan song is a sarcastic take and a fun one too on the various members of the family- groom and the bride. Taken in light humour and involving every member as the words flow through the musical notes, helps bond and understand people better. A little naughtiness is allowed at the sangeet too, which is why Baari Barsi Khatan Gaya Si seems apt and a must-do!


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An event we all wait with baited breath for, the mehendi encompasses gaana shaana and the exciting performances, each of them encapsulate memories that would be etched in our minds for life. Almost every member of the family would partake in the celebrations, not just the organising of the whole show, but shaking a leg or two as well- irrespective of the age!

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