5 Bollywood Movies With Big Fat Wedding Sequences

By on July 11, 2015

Missed the latest Bollywood shaadi flick at the local multiplex? Worry not. Someone somewhere in India is getting married; and the typical Bollywood tamasha forms a formidable part of an Indian wedding. Across all strata of society, from the elite to the common man walking down the street, everyone seems to be inspired (two-ways) by the movies and the chaotic fun encompassed. Let’s now take a look at the five most popular movies that leave us wondering- does bollywood inspire weddings in India or is it the reverse?


  1. Hum Aapke Hai Kaun

Back in the 90s, when heroes and heroines were busy gyrating to ‘sexy’ numbers, Rajshri Productions decided to bring back the Indian values packed family saga and the legendary wedding theme. Hum Aaapke Hai Kaun was thus born, and the movie encompassed every nuance of the BIG FAT INDIAN WEDDING to say so! From elaborate sets to designer sarees, mehendi rituals done by actual experts to the haldi ceremonies and more; the movie in short was one musical with plenty of drama, fun, noise, tears of grief, tears of joy and of course, the big elaborate Indian wedding. Jokingly, most film critics tagged the movie as an ‘entertaining documentary’- can’t blame them though, did you check out the number of songs this movie had?


  1. Kal Ho Na Ho

Talking about the crazy Indian wedding sequences in movies, and can we afford to miss out the name of the charming K.Jo (Karan Johar). The list would be incomplete if Karan doesn’t wave his magical wand, or in this case, sashay with his reels! A love triangle-saga forms the basis of this movie, encapsulating the masala mix of comedy, international swanky locations, romance, drama, hurt, pain, grief, foot-tapping music, stalwarts gyrating to the dholaks, wooing of the damsel through her friends and her aunts, and the quintessential stereotypical banter when two castes meet and greet- laughter riot assured while the gujjus and the punjus meet and greet throughout the wedding in the movie! Phew, one insanely crazy movie that was!


  1. Band Baaja Baaraat

Do you need reasons more to know how crazy the BIG FAT INDIAN wedding can get? Watch it from the point of view of a wedding planner, or a doting sweet-nothing couple that got together to form a wedding event management team. Pure masti, desi fun, laughter riot in between, the typical punjabi weddings from the middle class Delhiwalas kitty to the VVIPs’ daughter marrying her fiancé; Band Baaja Baarat was a riot of colours. Loaded with shenanigans, designer wear ensembles, a punjabi aunty hell bent on getting her niece married off, the ‘BINESS’ (business) minded jatt who wanted to make something of his life and not plough his fathers fields. Romance and sex, partnership rifts, mishaps and all the chutzpah you can ever imagine! Phew! A hit it was, but to call the movie maddening would be an understatement!


  1. Shuddh Desi Romance

Not exactly the CRAZY INDIAN BIG FAT WEDDING we thought it would be, especially when over here it was either the groom or the bride who played the ‘runaway’ act. From running away before the saat pheras to a chanced meeting of two souls in a lonely bus ride at night (making out scenes too) and how the baraati teams hire extra baraatis, and once again the rift-raft of romance; this movie has the most applaudable wedding sequences. Not to forget, how the hero gets caught in the middle of two women (one who he ran away from and the other who ran away from him)- it was a riot of dance, music, tamasha, drama, emotional touches, chic designer ensembles and a live-in relationship turned crazy, with nosey neighboursraising eyebrows. Shudh Desi Romance is an epitome of crazy-funky-madness galore!



  1. Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

More than just the boy meets girl and the boy marries girl, leading onto a happy ending; Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge was more of ‘I shall get her even though the father plays monster’ movie. Based on the traditions of the punjabi culture and how the family plays an important role when it comes to marrying off their daughters, from dancing with arms wide open at the mustard fields to the elaborate mehendi songs, where the boy drops hints of marrying his beau, DDLJ was a suburban high class zamindari movie. While there were a plenty of songs, dramatic moments, fights and bloody scenes, foreign locales and rituals of the zamindari weddings shown, DDLJ for some reason gave many doting couples back then the hope of letting love take over!


Glitz and glamour, noisy affairs, opulent mise-en-scene, colours running amok, long and very elaborate rituals, ranting and the banter of auntyjis and mummyjis- Bollywood it seems has become a source of pure entertainment inspiration. Bollywood seems to play an integral role with its colourful flicks in helping us decide the theme, the songs played at the mehendi and the sangeet, and even vidahi too. More power to Indian movies, we say!

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