Top 5 Wedding Themes

By on September 8, 2015

After attending the most colourful wedding celebration in Jaipur, I realized how wedding themes can be such an exotic memorable way to bring in and lap on some fun into the conformist wedding celebrations. Theme wedding is the brand new concept, hitting the Indian wedding market which are nothing but a different approach to celebrating your wedding. With the help of a theme a wedding ceremony can be made more unique and memorable. This is because you blend the elating reality with wild fantasy. With the newness it brings in, the family is more involved in customizing the mood they want the wedding to create. It is an engaging experience not only for the hosts of such a theme based wedding , but also to the guests, making them experience uniqueness keeping the traditional values intact.

The couples to wed should think about all the aspects of weddings. The ongoing season, personal preference and all other thing should be kept into consideration. The chosen theme must be a choice of both the partners. Wedding themes are many and one can even conceptualize their own theme. Here are the top 5 themes:


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1) Colour-based Themes: You can completely colour code your wedding day, around a particular colour you feel connected to, be it passionate red, glittery golden, serene blue, elegant coral. Since the selection of colours sets the mood of the entire wedding, it is quite a difficult task to select the right one. After all, the choice of colour holds a special meaning of its own. Also, this will always be remembered whenever you or your guests revisit your D-day memories. So, the selection of a colour-based theme for your wedding should be close to perfection.


2) Arabian Nights Theme: The mystique Arab theme is perfect for those who are looking for a feel of rarity and richness in their wedding. If you have read the Arabian Nights in your childhood days, then you will know that the riot of colours, candle lighting, embroidered magic carpet, mysterious lanterns, floor pillow space and mint tea served in Arabian styled glasses have all been borrowed from the descriptions of the book. Not to forget the belly dancers and the Arabian music to mystify you and all your guests!


3) Vintage or Royal Themes: Marrying in vintage castles, forts and palaces is not uncommon for the royalty. But you can get to savour a chunk of royalty on your big day, by wrapping the wedding around a Vintage/Royal theme. Heritage buildings, nature-kissed destinations, royal palaces and forts, complete with the royal attire, opulent feasts and fireworks, transform you and your wedding guests to an era of unforgettable royalty.


4) Beach Weddings: Who wouldn’t love to get married amidst the serene waters of a beach, with the rhythmic waves gently hitting the fringes of the mandap at the shore, a wedding couldn’t be more exotic. Here the choice of the season in which the wedding is culminating is important, as the outdoors can present an important challenge if the weather turns sour. When properly planned, nothing could seem more magical yet relaxed, beautiful yet simple, than a beach wedding. The added decorations, enhance the already perfect background and calming sounds. Not to forget, the serenity, fun and positivity for everyone attending it.


5) Indoor Garden: During scorching summer, or for venues with no natural beauty to add some instant freshness to the décor, and indoor garden theme can be perfect to create the much needed balance. It is like bringing the garden indoor, with the walls covered in greens and flowers, large green trees with hanging votive candles, trellis over the dinner area covered with greens and hanging chandeliers, walking into a banquet hall, but getting the feeling of being outdoor!

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