How India’s Richest Host Their Weddings

By on July 30, 2015

When it comes to the cream of the crop, their weddings are known to be the finest in the land. From opulent décor and lavish venues to a fantastic wardrobe and the best catering, these weddings cannot be found lacking in any sphere. Although one is exposed to a whole bunch of celebrity weddings and other rich weddings through the internet and Page 3, one often wonders how these weddings actually take place. This article explores how India’s richest host their weddings!

Nothing influences the way your wedding is perceived like your venue!

The venue is, arguably, one of the most important aspects of the wedding. India’s richest find lavish banquet halls and hotels to celebrate the union of their families. This is because a grand setting adds an element of luxury and taste to the wedding ceremonies themselves.


Hiring a leading designer to decorate your venue is the latest trend

With top fashion designers such as Rohit Bal introducing their luxury wedding services, it has now become quite the trend to have a ’designer wedding’. Here, all aspects such as the décor, venue, color scheme and even the menu are all decided by the designer, which helps create a lavish setting. Moreover, it also speaks volumes of how far they are willing to go to create a stunning event.


A destination wedding is always a great idea!

More and more businessmen, celebrities and industry tycoons prefer having a destination wedding over one that is set up in the same city that they live in. Whether this means that the wedding takes place abroad, or at a scenic destination in India, the idea is to get out of town and celebrate the wedding at a beautiful place that they may or may not have seen before. From Mauritius to Goa, almost all destinations are apt for such weddings. One of the best things about them is that, if you are a guest, your travel and stay will basically be taken care of by your host. Nothing else spells luxury quite as well!


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