6 ideas for a “getting-ready” photo shoot

By on July 30, 2015

One of the latest trends when it comes to weddings today is having a ‘getting ready photo shoot’. This series of photographs perfectly captures the bride’s emotions and moments with her family and friends while getting ready for the wedding ceremony. It is considered one of the most beautiful series that a bride can have. Here are 6 ideas that one can try for this type of photo shoot:

Try shooting in black and white

Getting ready photo shoots look absolutely lovely in black and white. This is because this hue captures the emotions perfectly and creates a series of pictures that look amazing. Since color is an integral part of Indian weddings, most wedding portraits avoid black and white pictures, however, this is a great time to fill in that gap and have a set of pictures that stand out.


Pictures of the décor

Another great way to really add a lovely element to your wedding photography series is to have pictures of the décor taken in a very artistic way. This looks great and adds a different perspective to the evening.


Pictures of the venue

Pictures of the venue hours before the function takes place can add a very unique take on the wedding itself. Whether these are taken during the day, or right before the guests arrive, the empty space filled with decorations can look stunning.


Take pictures after the mehendi ceremony

Right after the mehendi ceremony is when the henna on your hands and feet look their darkest and freshest. This is a great time to take a getting ready photograph with just your hands or feet in the frame.


Taking pictures with mirrors is popular!

A very popular style of having a getting ready photo shoot is to incorporate the reflection of the bride in the mirror while she is getting ready. This can happen with a hand mirror or even a large one.


A picture of your jewelry

Another popular style is to take a picture of the bride as she puts on her jewelry as it looks quite decadent.


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