15 Beautiful Indian Weddings

By on July 30, 2015

Indian weddings are, without a doubt, some of the most beautiful ones in the world. As more brides are following contemporary trends and merging western traditions with Indian ones, the very definition of beautiful weddings is quite different from what it used to be a few years ago. Here are some lovely ones that merge different traditions, décor and wardrobes together to create some of the most memorable evenings for their families:

This beautiful pool side do

With the tranquility of a pool nearby, nothing can stop a wedding from looking aesthetically amazing.


This unique wedding with a dose of blue

As most weddings use a lot of reds and oranges in their color scheme, this wedding using blue is quite different.


This wedding with a creative cake

One of the latest trends in weddings these days is having a cake that is well decorated, as exemplified in the picture. This cake looks absolutely decadent!


This wedding with fairy lights

Fairly lights are one of the prettiest alternate forms of lighting and add just the right amount of magic to the evening.


This rustic wedding

A wedding in the middle of a forest is usually unheard of but this rustic aesthetic and setting works very well here.


This white wedding

Brides in white are usually a no-no in India however, this bride is really pulling it off very well, proving that red isn’t the only color swatch you should choose from.

This Moroccan themed wedding

This wedding uses a Moroccan theme in their décor and it really works well!


This wedding with a DIY element

Nothing says personalized like DIY. This wedding has a DIY card station for the bride and groom and its lovely!

This colorful wedding

Color is an important element of décor when it comes to Indian weddings and this looks lovely.


This vintage wedding

Vintage always looks lovely, no matter what, and can be incorporated into an Indian wedding too!.


This Gurudwara wedding

Weddings in a Gurudwara are beautiful and spiritual at the same time.


This whimsical wedding

Always add a whimsical element to the wedding for some extra fun!


This hill station wedding

Destination weddings are always one that people look forward to. Plus, you get to wake up to a fantastic view!


This backdoor wedding

Very few people can pull of a wedding in their own backyard!


This fusion wedding

This wedding clearly fuses a western and Indian one and even has a little flower girl!


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