10 Ideas to Make Your Wedding Colorful

By on July 30, 2015

Indian weddings are known for having that extra splash of color everywhere. From the entrance to the food, everything stands out in its own way, while also being a part of a greater cohesive scheme. Thus, one can say that color is an integral aspect of these weddings. Here are some ideas to make your wedding the most colorful:

Floral decorations are important!

The flowers that you use in your wedding can greatly determine the way everything looks as they are used all over the venue. Thus, choose flowers that are colorful and do not wilt easily.


Rangoli is a great way to add colour

What better way to great your guests than with an intricately decorated rangoli design right at the entrance? It’s traditional and elegant and sets a lovely tone for the venue.


Choose your tent wisely

More often than not, Indian weddings take place outside. Thus, the choice of tent really comes into play. A white tent can make everything look washed out, especially at night. Choose lovely bright colors for your wedding to make it stand out.


Table décor should be on point

It’s always better to have colorful table cloth as opposed to white ones as the latter can get dirty very easily. Color helps hide spills and splotches and keeps things looking clean.


Use an ornate centerpiece

A great way to add some extravagance to the wedding is to use an ornate centerpiece at the tables. This can help either break a constant color scheme or add to it.


Place pillar candles wherever possible

Elegant and tall, pillar candles are a great way to add color to your wedding. Whether you are using white candles or colorful ones, they are ideal décor items as they add more light, thereby highlighting the colors around them


Add colorful fairly lights on trees

Just as an alternate method of lighting, colorful fairy lights on trees can help add a dab of hues.


Scatter flower petals

Scattering rose or marigold petals along the walkways is a great idea as it looks traditional and adds a splash of color.


Don’t place a carpet over the lawn

This is because the lush green of the grass can really add a lot to the aesthetics.


Choose your wardrobe wisely

Finally, the clothes that you decide to wear will also help add color.



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