15 Locations to Have the Best Pre-Wedding Shoot

By on July 30, 2015

Pre-wedding shoots are the craze now and almost every couple wants to create a set of photographs predating their wedding. Some of the prerequisites of these are that they should be artistically shot, styled well and in a location that speaks for itself. So, if you’re wondering about different places to have your pre-wedding shoot, here are some of the best places:

Your Home

If you have a sprawling bungalow or a home with a large lawn, it can be an ideal spot for a shoot as it adds a personalized, homey touch to the pictures.


At Your Temple

If your family is devoted to a particular temple or religious area, nothing can make it more perfect than to have your shoot conducted there.



One of India’s favorite tourist destinations, Goa is a lovely place to have a pre wedding shoot that looks fantastic.


At a spot where you can re-create your favorite movie

Nothing as romantic the way a rom-com does! You can find a spot where you can re-create your favorite film and conduct the shoot there!


At a destination abroad

Not only does this give you the perfect excuse to take a pre-wedding honeymoon, it also provides some fantastic photo ops!


At the Taj Mahal

Want a shoot that is symbolic of your undying love? The Taj Mahal is the best place to do so!


At an opulent hotel!

Bring in elements of luxury and panache by conducting your shoot at a lovely hotel.


At the place where you proposed!

If you popped the question at a place that is symbolically important to the both of you, you can always conduct your shoot over there!


At your favorite place!

If you have a place that you really like to hang out at and is important to you, you should include it in your pre-wedding shoot!


At a monument!

Add some grandeur to the shoot by using a monument as the backdrop!


At a studio!

Arrange your photo shoot at a studio if you want an artistic aesthetic.


At the place you met!

Chart out your journey by starting at the very beginning!


In the hotel, right before your wedding

Many brides choose to have a pre-wedding shoot just before the wedding with pictures of them getting ready.


At a tourist spot

A touristy spot in your city can be the perfect background.


At a festival

If a festival predates your wedding, you can have a shoot during it to add a lovely traditional touch.


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