12 Refreshing ideas for a summer wedding

By on September 1, 2015

It’s that time of the year again when flowers bloom and grooms swoon over the sun kissed brides. The pastel colour palette, the breezy beaches and the mesmerising floral scents make for a fairytale wedding. Here are 12 refreshing summer wedding ideas.

Creative entryways-

For an outdoor wedding the entryways play a big part in setting the ambience. You can opt for the not so traditional palm leaves décor or shimmering hanging tea lights. Let people in for a surprise by experimenting with a full on green archway or colourful origami birds!



Seating arrangements– yes we do agree that royal weddings are the craze of the day but who says we cannot mix the exotic with the majestic! Throw in a few pastel hues cushions or a little bunch of orchids around every chair.


Golgappa shots

Out with the old and in with the street food! Golgappa shots are a great way to get your guests in the mood. Serve the time tested pani puris with jaljeera and rooafsa! If you have a hard drinks counter, mix and match is the key to happy hours 😉


Nothing befits a summer wedding than fresh juices and lemonade. Try to keep drinks that are refreshing and rejuvenating. Experiment with watermelon juice, mango juice and kiwi mock tails. Keep the packaging quirky and fun.


Mason jars-

The water counter can be a fun area too. Use steel or glass Mason jar water dispensers and Mason jar tumblers. Do not hesitate to work this arrangement out for drinks as well.



Scented fan-

Outdoor weddings can be tricky when it comes to cooling and weather situations. Our suggestion? Make this a plus point and arrange for the scented water coolers and fans.


Refrain or cut down on the traditional fried food and go for some summery starters like fruit salad, salad or bhel puri! Serve these in radical new ways like salad on a stick or bhelpuri/fruit salad in waffles.



Kulfi corner

Let the sweet pangs be cured by a desi Kulfi corner. You can dwell on the idea of serving some mouth watering ice cream falooda as well!

Cutlery wrappings

Keep the setting rustic and neutral with brown paper wrapped cutlery or matty fabric trims. This will lend ease and breathability to your wedding décor.


Give aways

Opt for spice boxes or coffee cookie goody bags. Keep things light and colour coordinated. Give your loved ones a special experience that they take back with them forever.



Dress up theme

Get people excited about the theme! Don’t indulge in anything over the top. A simple addition such as floral hair trims or printed flip flops will make your guest feel more of an integral part of your big day.

Surprise element

You can always look for things that would make your wedding different and memorable. Have beautiful bird houses or ribbon pom poms gracing your day!


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