12 design ideas you can try for your wedding venue

By on July 30, 2015

Origami decorationsOpt for the cute and innovative origami decorations in combination with traditional flowers. The twirling paper birds and flowers can be a whimsical touch.


Rustic seating décor Give your wedding a rustic twist by introducing contemporary décor and creative trinkets. Flower filled jars and mason lights can instantly DIY your wedding.



Festival theme– set your wedding theme around a festival rather than colours or destinations! Have a floral holi or colour filled platters for people to fool around with.


Quirky signs– Have a local quirky bar or photo booth set up with flashy signs. Make pathways or mazes to add gaming element to your big day.


A majestic swing instead of chairs– Take the leap by having a majestic swing instead of chair for the bride and groom. Decorate it with flowers and lights to add opulence


Candle pathways- Night weddings are a great way to explore lights. Have beautiful weddings pathways strewn all over the area. You can go a notch ahead and add twinkling hanging tea lights as well.



Orchids/exotic flowers Opt for colour flowers and leaves instead of the usual gold marigold combination. The wonderful purple and green combinations can set your wedding apart.

Fairy lights Decorate the trees and the canopy with twinkling fairy lights. A starlit wedding is sure to make our day!



Fairytale Archway Have an out of the box archway to greet your guests. Go for drapes or leaves or a completely white floral gateway to greet your guests.

Life-size photo frames – Keep quirky handing photo frames for people to take memorable photos.

Embroidered cushions –Go for floor seating area with immaculately crafted cushions. You can have traditional manjis put up for people to have a relaxed evening.15

Drapes– Play around with colourful or exotic drapes. Go for bold colour in combination with ribbons and pearls and flowers.


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