10 fun ideas that will jazz up your wedding reception

By on September 1, 2015

Your wedding is the biggest event of your life and it has got to be special. The wedding may consist of several traditional rituals and you may have butterflies playing rugby in your tummy all the while, but the reception party can be relaxed and rocking. Let your wedding reception party be a reflection of your persona as a couple. Read on to discover 10 super cool wedding reception ideas.

Create a Kid’s zone


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Kids can be a handful when they are bored. Create a kid’s zone where kids of your guests can play games and enjoy magic shows so that their parents can relish the party.

Exotic performances to get the pulse racing


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A group of exotic belly dancers, fire jugglers or professional trapeze performers will not just set the mood for partying but also help your partner and guests to unwind. Keep the surprises coming.

 Give a special performance


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Get done with the formalities quick and change into something simply sexy to give your guests a salsa or tango performance. Ask all the couples to join you on the dance floor.

Make it magical with fireworks


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Mark the beginning of your new life with enchanting firework show. You can also write your favorite three word vow on the chest of sky with fireworks.

Funny photography session


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Create a studio zone in the venue where all your guests can pose with props, photobomb others and take groupfies with selfie stick as well.

Go for a carnival or village fair theme

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Shooting balloons, eating ice-golas, getting your horoscope read by a parrot or even a crazy marry-go-round ride, all these can be a part of your day long wedding reception.

Extend the blessing of love


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Invite children from orphanages and elderly individuals from old age homes to attend your wedding. Let them share your joy and give you there heartfelt blessings.

Hire the best DJ in town


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Are you the type who doesn’t like the party to end? Invest in the best DJ and get your reception party rolling all night long.

Let your love fly high


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Is there anything more romantic than a sky filled with beautifully lit Chinese lanterns? Ask all the guests to light a Chinese lantern and float them all together.

Bonfire and finger foods


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A romantic bonfire with musical performances by your favourite band or a solo performer, fun games, yummy finger foods are perfect for a boho-chic couple’s wedding reception.

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