8 Perfect Return Gift Ideas

By on September 8, 2015

As important as the wedding is, it is equally important to thank all those people who carved time out of their busy lives to just be there for you, as you vow each other into matrimony.

We wonder, what would be the most appropriate way, to show all these beautiful people that it meant a lot to you and your family that they could be join in your festivity. You don’t want seem too formal, making it all just a matter of formality. You might want to keep it simple, or make a big deal of the return gift.

Let’s explore a few top of the head ideas, to make peace with all folk.

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Jewellery boxes – Old or young, who doesn’t love jewellery, especially the female crowd at a wedding, with each flaunting their exquisite collection at a wedding. A designer or a personalised jewellery box is the perfect return gift, garnering universal appeal.

Candles – Candles, especially scented and aromatic ones create a soothing and positive environment in the house. How about giving your guests a couple of scented candles? U can also get them engraved with henna, to add a personal touch to them.

Photo frames – Present your guests with a gift they can utilize to frame memories that are dear to them. You can organise Photo booths at your wedding party, and make each individual or couple or family get clicked at these. At the end of the celebration, you can put in a printed copy of their photo in embellished photo frame and give it away as return gifts! Now isn’t that interesting and memorable!


Coffee table books – These books will prove to be really useful when it comes to gifting them. Perorder these books and include a signature of the bride and groom, thanking them for being a part of their great day!

Jute products – Gifting a jute carry bag is a thoughtful idea. Jute products are Eco-friendly and can prove to be really useful. To make it more interesting, you can add a personal message to it!

Gourmet – Choose a lavish variety of gourmet or mints for your guests. They will prove to be useful any day. Exquisite chocolates, coffees and dry fruits are a sure shot impressive option.


Vaastu and Feng Shui – Who doesn’t need a bout of extra luck now days! Don’t we all? Feng shui items and idols, prove to be a positive return gift befitting the occasion.

Handmade gifts – Handmade products are beautiful and special gifting options. You can choose anything from handmade clutches to wooden hangings. These gifts might be on a little expensive side, so if you do not have a budget constraint then indulge in something handmade and eco-friendly.

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Personalised gifts – Yes, we already told you about photo frames, but do you know there are many more wedding return gifts that you can get personalised. From coffee mugs to decorative items, you can get it all personalised with the couple’s name or their initials, along with their wedding date. Other than this, you can even get any of the above gifts or your gift wrappings and boxes, personalised as well.

Customised giveaways: Perfume bottles, with a Thank you note tagged: Well, who doesn’t love perfume? To those really important guests who mean a lot to you, you can go in the extra mile, by packing them with tiny vials of perfumes with a handwritten note, for them to fondly remember their participation in your wedding!

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