Simple Ways To Spruce Up Your Wedding Decor

By on September 8, 2015

Everyone wants their wedding to be really special and also unique to their liking. Here are a few ideas which make your romantic occasion, more romantic. We have put together simple and inexpensive simple décor ideas. These ideas set the mood to your entire wedding ceremony.

A beautifully decorated swing where the floral decoration adds more beauty to the look.


Small bowls of floating flower petals and candles.



Set a romantic lighting with candles, and other subdued lights.

3 events jewellery

Entry areas can be decorated with flower pedestals like these.


Pots and flowers also add an ethnic look.

5. payal kumar

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Strings of jasmine and marigold accompanied with lamps.

6. wedding decor India

Image Courtesy: Wedding Decor India

Rustic outdoors with lanterns everywhere and other subdued lighting.


Circular panels of jasmine or lily flowers dangling from strings add some interesting elements to the décor.

8. suman chakri

Image Courtesy: Suman Chakri

Set up tents for your guests to sit  and decorate them with flowers and multi-coloured cushions.


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