Top eight snacks to keep children busy on wedding night

By on September 1, 2015

Your wedding night would be half less joyous without those little ones  jumping, running around and giggling, without breaks. But well, it’s a busy night for everyone and keeping an eye on them isn’t possible always. Why not think about some finger licking snacks to give them some breaks? Here are eight such ideas for you.

Cheese stuffed potato nuggets:

Children love fried food. & cheese? Who doesn’t love it!  Boiled and smashed potato filled with cheese, deep fried and served with tangy tomato sauce will be a super-hit among kids.

snacks for children in wedding night_1

Crunchy baby corn:

Small pieces of baby corn marinated with corn flower, plain water, little quantity of soya sauce, salt, green chilli paste (optional) , vinegar and fried with onions and capsicum, this is both healthy and tasty a dish for children.

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Golden fried chicken legs:

Sounds yummy, tastes even better. Just to marinate chicken legs into a mixture of cornflower, water, salt and deep fry, and to serve. Can be served with both tomato sauce and tabasco sauce.

snacks for children in wedding night_3


Mix veg ball:

As easy as chopping 4/5 vegetables together, boiling them, adding gram flour, salt and little green chilli, smashing the mixture, making small round balls and frying them. Tastes great and don’t worry if the little ones end up eating lot of them. It’s not harmful for stomach.

snacks for children in wedding night_4

Pasta, tossed in white sauce:

Children rarely dislike this! Boiled pasta mixed with cheesy white cause has a direct route to the heart through stomach. Even better when accompanied with prawn, chicken, broccoli, mushroom.

snacks for children in wedding night_5

Fried mushroom mix:

Easy and yummy. Soak mushroom in lukewarm water and drain. Heat oil and fry some garlic and onion in it. Add mushroom and fry for some more time. Stir well. Serve and treat kids with this real yummy snack.

snacks for children in wedding night_6

Brownie with thick Choco-sauce:

Brownies are available in all leading confectionaries. Or you can consider baking it with brownie mix available in the market. Put the brownie inside the oven for 20 seconds. Pour some chocolate sauce on it while it’s hot. The sauce will melt and brownie will become softer.  It’s hopelessly awesome!

snacks for children in wedding night_7


Another super easy combo. Team up flavoured wafers and ice cream. For example, you could combine strawberry wafer with vanilla or two-in-one ice cream, chocolate wafer along with plain white vanilla ice cream or plain vanilla wafer with Choco-chip ice-cream.  Kids are going to love it!

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