10 Things To Do Before Wedding Shopping

By on September 1, 2015

Okay! It’s gonna be your wedding shopping and you’ll shop your heart out. Exciting, isn’t it? But wait, don’t forget to plan it out properly, or else all your excitement might turn to real mess. Here are the ten points you must keep in mind, when you go shopping for your own wedding!

Make a complete list:

List down everything you want to buy. This will save you from missing out on an important item. You may write down on a paper or simply save them as a note in your phone.



Don’t delay in starting off:

It’s not as early as you think it is. Lot of shopping to be done and you better start off early. So get started as soon as the ring is in your finger. Further alterations are also going to take time.

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Set your own budget:

Setting a budget always helps. Remember that you’ve other expenses too. A budget will help you cover all necessary items in a cost-efficient manner.

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Know what you need:

Before you go buying your wedding dress, shoes and accessories, know what suits you and what doesn’t. Know your body shape and choose styles accordingly. Decide colours of cosmetics and shapes in accordance with your complexion and face shape. You may like to take guidance online.

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Learn to ignore:

Of course, too many people will be there with bunches of advices and tips. Don’t be confused over so many inputs, ignore when you know it’s confusing you.

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Choose where to shop:

You have a number of things to buy and you have different favourite destinations. Select where to go, to buy what. This will save your time.

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Be cautious of discounts:

Discounts are irresistible. But if you’re planning to buy from a super sale period, be careful. They also aim to clear out a lot of old and defective items during this time. Be sure about both quality and price. You won’t want to compromise with your wedding shopping!

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Plan the date cleverly:

Preferably pick a weekday. Shops and shopping malls are less crowded in weekday mornings and you’re to get more assistance from the sales person. Also, no queues in the cash counters!

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It’s good to be accompanied:

You might like to take a shopaholic friend, sister or any other family member with you. Might come handy in times of confusion. Also, new and experimental ideas are welcome!

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Don’t fear to experiment:

Don’t hesitate to try something new you stumbled upon on, in the store. It might just look great on you. Trying something new is perfectly OK.

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