15 fantastic cuisines for your wedding reception

By on July 30, 2015

Food has always been an intrinsic part of Indian ceremonies, especially weddings. The modern couples are more prone to experimenting with regional and international cuisines. Create a unique combination of different cuisines that your guests will remember you for. Find out which are the top 15 cuisines preferred for uber cool Indian weddings.


Italian Cuisine


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Live pasta counters where guests can get pasta made with their favorite ingredients and mini pizzas are quite popular for weddings.


Lebanese Cuisine


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Lebanese cuisine is synonymous with tasty, cheesy and filling shawarma rolls. You may also include chello kebabs, Kay kebab and shish taouk for main course and Baklava for desert.


Burmese Cuisine


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From deep fried stuffed tofus, fish paste or pickled tea leaves salads to one-dish-meals like Khow suey there are lots of options to choose from.


Chinese Cuisine


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Ditch the boring chili chicken for Chinese dishes like Tom Yum Soup, Red Pepper Prawn, Kung Pao Chicken, Cantonese noodles and button mushrooms in hot garlic sauce.


French Cuisine


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For a classy sit down wedding reception dinner serve French specialties like duck confit, Sole Meuniere and Quiche Lorraine.


Thai Cuisine


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Surprise your guests with flavorful Thai dishes like Kaeng som which is a spicy fish soup and Massaman lamb curry.


Japanese cuisine


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Ask your caterer to put up a live sushi counter and also serve Japanese specialties like Unagi which is a variety of grilled fish and prawn or vegetable Tempura.


Mexican Cuisine


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The popular Mexican dishes make perfect appetizers for wedding feasts. Cheese poppers, shrimp fajitas and nachos are light yet satiating Mexican delicacies.


Awadhi Cuisine


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Entice your guests with the delightful Naans and kebabs from Awadhi cuisine. Moti biriyani and kormas are also specialties of this popular Indian cuisine.


Bengali Cuisine


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Steamed Hilsa fish, Green Jackfruit koftas, Malai Prawn, Kasha Mangsho or Thick Mutton curry, Luchi, Mishti Doi and Rasogolla, Bengali Cuisine has many delectable to offer.


Punjabi Cuisine


(Image Source: http://www.ipohecho.com.my/v3/article/2014/01/16/seefoon-explores-punjabi-cuisine-in-bercham)

May it be palak paneer, Fish Amritsari or Butter chicken, Punjabi dishes are an all time favorite for Indian wedding feasts.


Goan Cuisine


(Image Source: https://toursplanet.wordpress.com/2014/05/09/3-different-cultural-ways-of-enjoying-goan-cuisines)

For an unconventional and unforgettable feast serve Goan jumbo prawn curry, Fish Recheado and vindaloo.


Hyderabadi Cuisine


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Combine Kacche Gosht ki Biriyani with Mirchi ka Salan, minced meat curry and lamb dopiaza for offering a royal treat to your dear ones.


Gujrati Cuisine


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Dal Dhokli, Khandvi and Aam Srikhand all these Gujrati dishes are Indian to the core in simplicity and tastefulness.


Chettinad Cuisine


(Image Source: http://food.ndtv.com/lists/10-best-chettinad-recipes-729684)

Serve Chettinad chicken curry and spicy chickpea curry with appams and traditional south Indian sada dosa.

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