12 Creative Wedding Cake Ideas

By on September 3, 2015

creative wedding cake-1

Image Courtesy: Unique Wedding Ideas

Get an essence of the special day with this beautiful cake. Showing togetherness, this will be a perfect mood-setter for the evening.


creative wedding cake_2

Oh yes! The new innings of life is about to begin. So why not a wedding cake that looks like a match inside a stadium? Wondering about the score? Love more, or be more loved. Win-win!


creative wedding cake_3

Image Courtesy: Mod Wedding

This light pink flowery cake is breathtakingly beautiful. Roses have been symbolizing love for ages. Nothing better than a wedding cake with so many roses, oops, caky creamy roses!


creative wedding cake_4

It is the day when you’re gifted with the love of your life. It’s even more beautiful when your wedding cake comes shaped like a wrapped gift. Innovative and beautiful.


creative wedding cake_5

Image Courtesy: On Wed

Simple yet gorgeous. A round white vanilla cake decorated with a few bright-coloured flowers, this cake looks romantic and eye-soothing.


creative wedding cake_6

Roses in cakes are beautiful. But small flowers studded all over the cake isn’t a very common design. This cake has such an innocent and cute look!


creative wedding cake_7

Here’s to the chocolate fanatics! This three tire chocolate cake looks just irresistible. The pink flowers are adding to the beauty. However, you can think of replacing them with dark red or milk white flowers too.


creative wedding cake_8

So classy that you won’t feel like cutting it and ruining the beauty. Shaped like layers of golden yellow roses, this cake is too gorgeous. You can consider increasing the volume too.



Image Courtesy: The Merion

This silky white cake is straight from a fairy tale. Decorated with pearls and white-on-white creamy design, it is a perfect pick for a dreamy evening.


creative wedding cake_10

Another beautiful white pick. The finishing is so perfect that you’ll mistake it to be decorated with a piece of white satin. Flowers make it more charming. You can try single colour flowers too.


creative wedding cake_11

This three-tire cake looks elegant with the golden work on the body. Keep this surrounded by perfumed candles and it will win everyone’s heart this evening.



Last one, and the prettiest one. What’s more surprising for the guests to see the cake shaped like a beautifully dressed bride? But not prettier than you, right? Our wedding gift to you!


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