8 Ideas for your Wedding Sangeet

By on July 30, 2015

The sangeet is one of the most enjoyable ceremonies during a wedding. With a DJ who is attuned to the needs of all the aunties on the dance floor and a cocktail bar that doesn’t stop, there’s no way a sangeet can be boring. However, many people want to get out of the tried and tested rut and would love to have an alternate sangeet style. So, here are some ways that you can throw a sangeet in a different and equally entertaining way:

Make it a Karaoke night!

Nothing beats a crazy night where you and your loved ones can belt out your favorite tunes. Karaoke, one of the most popular party trends, can also translate well into a sangeet.


Pick out a theme that speaks to you

One of the best ways to personalize any event is to pick a theme and decorate accordingly. It can be a theme based on your favorite movie, songs, shows and so on, or even on something that speaks personally to you and your husband (such as a place where you met).


Montage night with speeches

A great way to inspire nostalgia and floodgates of emotion, montage night is quite popular. All you need is a projector and some pictures or videos for everyone to talk about.


Make it like a grand scale awards night!

From ‘Most supportive aunt’ to ‘Noisiest child’, you can hand out awards from practically anything. This is a great way to add a feel good factor to the night. You needn’t use real awards statues; they can be token gifts.


Get some flash mob!

As highly interesting ways to inspire an environment of reckless abandon and fun, you can organize a flash mob to pep everyone up. One of the best ways to do so is to let them masquerade as waiters in the beginning.


Add a twist to the drinks

Instead of having a standard bar and table scene, get a mixologist to your sangeet to serve innovative and funky drinks to everyone. This works for mocktails as well.


Let everyone sign a scrapbook as they leave!

As everyone leaves, let them sign a page on a wedding scrapbook along with adding their thoughts or expressions of love for you and your husband to be.


Have themed clothing

Apart from going in for themed décor, you can also incorporate a clothing scheme to spice things up!


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