15 unique wedding invitations

By on July 30, 2015

Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to do everything as you want it. Start by adding your creative touch to the wedding invitation card that guests would like to keep forever and show to others. Read these 15 amazing wedding invite ideas and change them as suits you.

Tell your story in style


Make a customized stitch and bound invite containing pages of photo memories that tell your love story from the very beginning to the guests.


Whatsapp wedding Invite


So did your love affair blossom in Whatsapp? Make this app a part of your new life by making a unique Whatsapp style invitation card.


MasterCard for master-wedding


You may also opt for a small, simple and cool credit card invite which will surprise your guests.


Vintage post card wedding invite


Do you like black and white photographs? Then go for a vintage style picture post card invite for your wedding.


It can be your favorite game


Image Courtesy: Behance

Couples who are die-hard fans of the same mobile games should use it as a theme for their wedding invite card.


Add some filmy masala


If you are fond of Bollywood films then you can make your favorite movie the theme of your wedding card.


Do it with chocolates


There is almost no one who can say no to delicious chocolates. Send chocolate box invites to your guests for making them feel more special.


Invite in ZooZoo style


Make your wedding card funny and appealing by adding cartoon iconic characters like Vodafone ZooZoo.


Get inspired by fairytales


Have you always dreamt about a fairytale wedding? Take cues from your favorite fairytale story and model your wedding card after it.


Carnival ticket wedding invite


 Image Courtesy: Not on High Street

Life is a carnival when you get to spend it with your soul-mate. So, send the ticket style invite cards and ask all to join you guys.


DIY dangle box wedding cards


Paste your together pictures on round pieces of paper and make personalized dangle box wedding invites.


Pop up wedding invites


Add a creative touch to simple wedding invites by attaching creative pop-up art with it.


Puzzle wedding invites


Image Courtesy: Wedding Favours

Make reading your wedding card fun for your guests by sending them puzzle pieces which they have to arrange properly.


Explain your vows


Let your wedding invite be rooted in your faith and beliefs. Saat phere wedding invites are ideal for this.


Send them the map as well


Image Courtesy: One Wed

A map wedding invite is not just creative but it also makes it easier for guests to find the venue.

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