12 cute things that happen in almost every Indian wedding

By on July 30, 2015

Indian weddings are unforgettable affairs because of the week long celebrations, yummilicious foods, the opportunity to wear our best garb and the cute moments it offers. Despite the headache ushering loud music, messiness, nosey remarks from annoying aunts and the necessity to say ‘Namsate’ a hundred times, there are instances when Indian weddings truly tug at our heart strings.



Everybody giving their best at Sangeet ceremony


From the oldest Dadi to the tiniest niece, all practice Bollywood thumkas for hours to make the wedding Sangeet fun. That much effort is really adorable.


Giving a good shake to the Kalire


The bride shakes her Kalire above the head of all her unmarried sisters, cousins and friends. Anyone who gets a leaf of the Kalire is predicted to be the next in line to get wedded.


Harmless flirting abound


Image Courtesy: Koimoi

With so many cool dudes and hot choris around, fireworks are sure to fly. Weddings are the perfect place for getting introduced to your cousin brother or sister’s breathtaking best friends.


Four generations seen grooving together


Your grandfather, grandma, dad, mom, brother, sis-in-law and their three year old all are seen jesting and dancing together at your wedding. What can be more heart warming!


Stealing the groom’s shoes


Image Courtesy: Marigold

An inevitable notoriety, that makes the sisters of the bride richer by several thousands, shoe stealing is cute, fun and mandatory at Indian weddings.


The legendary Barati dance


It is infamous and lasts for hours but barati dance is absolutely indispensable. Snake dance, frog dance and body jerks of all sorts can make even strangers become best of friends.


Feisty varmala ceremony 


The groom gets raised higher in the air by his friends, which is a fun challenge for the bride’s friends to raise her higher to put the garland around his neck.


Hiding his initial in her mehendi


Apart from making her hand and feet look great, the mehendi ritual is also aimed at hiding the initial of the groom in the intricate mehendi design.


Everybody getting smeared with haldi


During the haldi ritual not just the bride and groom but the sisters, brothers, cousins, besties and bhabis all get smeared with turmeric paste.


Showering the couple with flower petals


Image Courtesy: Photos Joy

In India evil is warded off and blessing is showered on the newlywed couple by throwing yellow rice, marigolds and rose petals at them.


Seven vows of commitment


The Saat Phere ritual ties the soul-mates in a relationship of seven lifetimes and they exchange seven beautiful vows of love and togetherness.


Hide and seek on first night


Nothing is more delightful than hiding under the bed, in the bathroom, behind the doors or under the windows to catch the newlywed romancing each other on their first night.

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