The Variety of Wedding Rituals Can Make Hearts Swell

By on July 30, 2015


Soon my Bengali best friend is getting married to her long time Malayalee beau. Planning her wedding got me thinking about the variety of wedding rituals in India. Find out what makes wedding rituals of different Indian regions so special and heart melting.


Kashmiri Weddings


The groom sends flower ornaments for his bride just two day before marriage. At the wedding venue, after welcoming the barati, Dwar puja is performed and then seven pheras take place in the mandap.


Punjabi Weddings


The big-fat Punjabi weddings comprises of several ceremonies like Mangni, Sangeet and Mahendi. The actual wedding consists of Varmala ceremony when bride and groom exchange heavy flower garlands, followed by saat pheras around holy fire.


Bengali Weddings


On the day of wedding turmeric paste and gifts are sent from the groom’s house for the Holud ritual. The bride, her face coyly covered with betel leaves, is carried in circles around the groom seven times.


Tamil Weddings


The Tamil bride and groom start their wedding day by taking a purifying bath or Mangal Snaanam. During the Kashi Yatra ceremony the groom pretends to leave venue in pursuit of divine knowledge and the bride’s father pursues him to get married. This ritual is soon followed by Oonjal and Sapthapadi.


Telegu Weddings

Telugu Indian Wedding Photography

The bride and groom are separated by a thin veil while the priest chants wedding mantras. Near the end of the wedding ceremony the groom adorns the feet of his bride with a silver ring.


Marathi Weddings


Marathi weddings start with Ganapatipujan. After taking seven steps around the holy fire, the bride and groom touch their foreheads as a symbol of tackling all challenges together in life.


Malayalee Weddings


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In a non-fussy, simple marriage ceremony the Malayalee groom ties a beautiful mangalsutra with a leaf patterned pendant on the bride’s neck and they exchange garlands.


Gujrati Weddings


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Gujrati wedding commence with the chanting of mangalashtak. Near the end of the ceremony the groom’s shawl is tied to the pallu of the bride’s sari symbolizing unification and togetherness.


Parsi Weddings


In Parsi weddings the priest has to go around them in circles seven times. The one who throws rice at the other first, before the seventh round ends, is believed to rule the roost.


Jain Weddings


Like other Indian weddings seven vows of togetherness is also an important part of Jain weddings. When the bride and groom take their vows, mangal sangeet or holy songs are sung by the ladies.


Muslim Weddings


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The beauty of Muslim Nikah lies in the fact that the bride gets a chance to formally make her consent known. Khutba is recited and the bride and groom see each other through a mirror that is placed between them.


Christian Weddings


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The pure and pristine Christian weddings are marked by exchange of vows and rings. Apart from the priest, the present guests also bless the newly wed couples.

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