Sindoor And The Colour Red

By on September 1, 2015

Red is widely regarded as an auspicious colour not just in India, but in many other cultures of the far east and west. Red symbolises love, tradition and life in all of its glory. Red is also an integral colour at weddings. Most Indian brides, regardless of their religion, wear a red-coloured attire during the time of their muhurat.

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Sindoor, a red powder is applied to a Hindu woman for the first time at her wedding. When the bridegroom adorns her forehead with a streak of Sindoor, it effectively marks the end of the ceremony. After the wedding, the wife must apply Sindoor every day in the parting of her hairline.

The parting of hair is symbolic of river of red blood full of life. Sindoor is counted one of the essential components in solah shringaar, which is important for a Hindu married woman. Sindoor is said to complete the look of a married woman along with bindi, mangalsutra, mehndi, bangles etc. However, symbolizes that the life of the woman who is wearing it is full colours and happiness.

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The application of Sindoor is not just a ritual, but a practice which stimulates good health. On one hand it serves as a longevity prayer for the husband, but on the other it keeps a tab on the woman’s physical well-being. The sindoor is prepared using mercury, turmeric and lime. Mercury acts as a catalyst that helps to ease stress and strain. It also helps in keeping the brain active and alert. Other than this, mercury also helps in controlling blood pressure, and activating sex drive.

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