Sound or Music? What To Play And What Not To Play At Your Wedding

By on September 8, 2015

Have you ever heard Hindustani gazals when the baraat is at the door step, all ready to be received, or a guitar being played during the kanyadhan of the bride? I’m sure you wouldn’t have. Music and sounds have a constant role in enhancing the mood of a wedding, and anything inappropriate, would just steal away the perfect mood, and without the right mood, there isn’t harmony in the action.

Music has always been an important priority, during the planning of a wedding. The soundtrack is chosen based on personal moments the bride and groom have shared together, keeping in mind what their guests will like, and what would suit the moment, not forgoing the tradition of the rituals performed, to create the right mood.


During every phase of the wedding, a carefully chosen song or music is played as discussed before in order to enhance the mood. Now when the emotional moment, of the groom applying sindhoor on the bride’s forehead, or during the auspicious time of mangalyam, if anybody would play a rock band, it would just disrupt the moods of everyone involved. Thus, the music or sound carefully chosen must reflect the sentiment of the wedding at that moment.

Playing a morose song, when the mood is festive and vice versa, will just create disharmony. In an Indian wedding, with a plethora of cultural differences, one thing stands in common balance. Even though the genre of music, or sounds played may be different, and the instruments used for this purpose may be different, all of them try to reflect and harmonise the ongoing mood at the wedding.

Keeping this in mind, let us quickly look through a few certain don’t you need to be careful of when selecting and playing sounds and music to uplift or sync the mood of a wedding.



Beware of loud music: Ideally you want to send guests home with favours and fond memories, not a pounding migraine! Keep the sound level reasonable since not everyone will be able to appreciate a dance club atmosphere. “Ask your DJ or band leader to avoid making it too loud to the point in which guests can’t converse throughout the reception. Also, be conscious of where they place the speakers so that you don’t upset any guests that are too close for comfort

Steer clear of Songs with Awkward or Inappropriate Lyrics: Most weddings are a family event, but some couples play rough music that is very derogatory. That might be what they listen to on a regular basis, but it shouldn’t be something they add to their wedding playlist. It’s respectful to keep the music in good taste, as you may have a lot of guests from the older generation or children, and it wouldn’t be appropriate to play certain types of songs.


Hire the right Musician or DJ: The first and most important technical requirement is the sound. All weddings require a form of PA system for the speeches and background music. If a DJ is hired, you can usually run this through his system. It is imperative though to have a good quality sound system from a professional company as there is nothing worse than poor sound with microphone feedbacks, crackling or your mic not working. The size of the sound system for the amount of guests or type of venue is also important, as you don’t want huge speakers blasting the people at the table next to them, and guests at the back not hearing everything, or a system that is too small for the venue and capacity. Choosing the right DJ is also vital, as you rely on him completely to entertain your guests and set the mood and get the party happening. He can make or break a memorable wedding.

Lastly, there’s no better way to create the right mood for an elegant wedding than with the natural acoustic sounds of instruments. With flute, violins, table, strings, guitar, piano & voice, instrumental music offers flexible options perfect for your occasion, your space and your budget. They double up as music to enhance the wedding ceremony, as the soothing background at receptions.

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