6 Ways To Host A Great Wedding

By on September 8, 2015

So, the other day I heard one of my aunts exclaim that she had been to this really great royal theme based wedding in Jaipur, where the magnanimity of the entire setup blew her mind. She considered it a great wedding, none like the one she had attended here back in Mumbai! My cousin, listening silently to all the gushing, couldn’t resist commenting, that, an eye candy wedding affair need not be great, if all the experience you garner out of it, is just gawking at the magnanimity of the celebration. She challenged my aunt, that apart from the splendour of the celebration, there was nothing remarkably personal about the event, as my aunt had lacked that personal connect with the wedding in general.

All this got me thinking, as to what makes a wedding truly great! I wonder, whether it is the beautiful welcome and respect and involvement you receive at the venue, the irresistible food, the serenading music, or the just the bliss of knowing you could be a part of the big day of your closest people.


Well, it can be all this and more. Upon pondering a little more, I concluded that a wedding is a truly great experience, in the way it can carve an unforgettable experience in the minds of all the people who hosted it and were welcome to be a part of it.

So the question we really must be asking here, is how to make a wedding experience unforgettable to everyone involved. How do we carve out something unique for everybody to experience in the wedding, that it remains fresh in the minds of people years later too.


1. Have an interaction station.
Yes it is good to have an army of the best wedding photographers. They will add awesomeness and emotions to the old wrinkled face of your granny while she watches over you tying the nuptial knot. But also have a photo booth as people like perfection sprinkled with a tad bit of goofiness and fun too. A photo booth with funny hats and glasses and other accessories will add to their memories. Understand that weddings are also like reunions. Cousins meeting after long time, people getting to know the exact length and breadth of their family tree and much more, it is more of a gala party than ever before.

2. Graffiti bar
Create a special stall / bar for people to write personalised wishes for you. They could doodle whatever they want to say. Different types of painting and writing options, a huge canvas, confetti and many more artistic choices. It will be a sure shot attention clincher.


3. Games for the guests
Generally, guests get bored if they don’t have any sightseeing to do between two ceremonies. Simple, effortless but fun games would give you the time to bond with your friends and family.
This can easily be arranged by your wedding planner or your over-enthusiastic, extremely helpful gang of friends! And you can brainstorm with your family over the kind of games you could keep. It will be a fun activity to plan and execute.

4. Customize your invitation cards
Whether online or in print, use concepts that reflect upon you and your fiancé. For e.g. if your ‘would be’ husband likes sports and you like reading books, you can use these on your invitation. Or if it is a destination wedding, you can get it designed in the form of a boarding pass! Your aim should be to secure a permanent position for your wedding card in your guest’s shelf. And to make it get used as a reference point for novation



5. Song request cards & karaoke
On your DJ night, distribute song request cards among your guests. They could also use it as a medium to dedicate songs to you or someone else. A very fun activity indeed. They can fill it up and drop it in a bowl for the DJ to pick up and use. Will save you the trouble of deciding on which songs to be played. And you get only those songs played which your guests like. They will enjoy for sure. Isn’t it?

6. Live stream your wedding
Not at the venue only. For your guests who couldn’t make it to your wedding. There will always be a few special guests who really want to be a witness to your big day but can’t make it for whatever reasons. You should think about them too. Of course, sharing the video is an option. But the videos come to you very late.

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