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By on September 7, 2015

Indian weddings are usually a very crowded phenomenon – with people frantically participating in rituals whilst some feast away on food, ambience and gossip! Weddings are also an excuse that families use, to keep abreast with distance relatives and far-reaching friends that they haven’t met in months or years. If not music, the background at a weeding is the low ruffle of a band of murmur called “Gossip”!

You’ll see photo sessions happening in every nook and corner of the wedding venue. On stage it will be the bride and groom, while off stage it will be everyone else busy capturing their family pictures, pictures with friends, acquaintances and even the trendiest selfies. Seeing these scenes we may get confused if they are so close? Well, the answer could be either way, they may or may not meet again until the next wedding. So why not engage in some light hearted banter to keep themselves entertained until the next wedding in season!

So you might be curious what the hot debatable topics are or gossip are common in every wedding!


The bride or the groom’s family: Every other person from the opposite family is sure to be scrutinizing the member from the other families, gossiping and soaking in all the free information about them, their education, wealth, their social status, and every other detail, as if they would embark upon a thesis on them.It’s all usually in the form of light banter, and nothing too serious.

The arrangement: Indian weddings are known as the most luxurious ones. The decor, the jewellery, the rituals, the crowd and what not! Weddings are the venues for gossips too. Known people, unknown people, acquaintances, strangers be it anyone seen in a wedding, will be part of the wedding fervour and gossips. Everybody around will have an opinion of how they could have done better, if they had used a particular arrangement instead of another and so on. Well the list is endless! Everyone has to have a say, even if it’s between themselves.

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Bride and Groom: How can anybody forget to gossip about the centre stage couple! Friends and families exchange gossip banters on their relationship with the bride or groom and how they were before they embarked upon this matrimony! Everything from their wedding trousseau to their choice of makeup and jewellery is discussed and dissected amongst the peers, feeding a frenzy of information about the couple!

Naysayers: Well there are a few naysayers in every wedding, and all they can gossip about is the mismatch in matrimony and how the couple would pay a heavy price for the mismatch in their future! Bah and boo to these people! Who needs them, but they always turn up! Do they not?

Food: Another major subject of discussion during wedding is the food served. In weddings you’ll see plenty of food served. Irrespective of how good the food is, there will be a discussion by a gossip team who will be complaining about the food quality or variety or the way it served. Basically one way or other, there will be a gossip on every aspect of a wedding.

mat aunties

The proclaimed matrimony aunties: These are the women you’d want to run a mile from, if you are unmarried, yes! These people are forever busy searching for prospective brides and grooms for every Hari, Sita and Gita in the wedding. They seem to take the task too seriously, busily exchanging details about their wannabe matrimonial interests, and take it upon themselves to cure the world from singles, or at least everybody they know of bachelorhood! Psst, you can just say you are married and escape their frivolous quizzing, if caught unknown!

The lonely hearts: While the matrimony aunties try to do their bit, there is yet another group heavily gossiping about all the lovely ladies and handsome hunks present, that they can bait, in another part of the wedding crowd corner. I must warn you, that half of the gossip is just fun and eye candy, and not as serious as our matrimony aunties.

So yes, it’s tough to avoid, any kind of gossip in a wedding, as you are bound to end up on one platter or another. Sail through it, and take it all in your stride, light heartedly, as it will last only for a couple of hours, and until you meet them at the next wedding!

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