6 Decisions to Avoid Before Your Wedding

By on July 11, 2015

Wedding is a day when two souls promise to share the rest of journey and walk together. The idea of marriage is highly romanticized and therefore it almost seems like a dream; beautiful and flawless. You would go out of your way to make your wedding day, and the days ahead, perfect ones. However, little decisions or choices sometimes make it the other way. When there’s little time to go for your wedding, these are few decisions you must avoid:


Crushing on men frequently:

It’s ok to crush on a friend, a colleague or even an online friend. But once you’re all set to tie the knot, you need to avoid this. Crushes can be for a very short period, but they do divert you and we know people who took mere crushes too seriously and repented later.

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A change in job:

To achieve growth in career is important and you should grab new opportunities. But changing your present job just before your wedding isn’t a wise idea. Adjusting with new colleagues and new work environment takes some time and before your wedding, you’re rather supposed to give yourself some time. Coping up with new challenges and proving yourself to new people could be an added stress.

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Life is all about exploring new opportunities, new places and new people. Relocating for work isn’t a big deal until it affects your personal life. You’re likely to want to stay with your partner after your wedding and not alone in some alien city. Missing your partner and staying a few thousand miles away isn’t a good idea.  Avoid a relocation before wedding.

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Blind dates:

We all have friends who’re brave at it. Well, nothing wrong in meeting strangers and knowing them better. But once your wedding is around the corner, this is a big No-No. Would you like it if you found your would-be partner dating around randomly? We guess not. This is the time to calm your mind and prepare yourself for the new life.

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Crash diet:

We understand you want to look great on your wedding day. However, a crash diet isn’t going to help. Rather this might lead you to serious sickness. Seek help from a professional dietician and follow his/her advices, rather than experimenting on your own diet.

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Sounds weird? This is the species which spends too much, sometimes more than they earn. Not a good idea when you’re soon to enter a new life. Stop spending money on unnecessary reasons and start planning your savings from now.

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