The 5 Best Bridal Hairstyles

By on September 1, 2015

1. The Versatile Bun

Bridal Hairstyle - 3

Most North Indian brides are faced with the problem of covering their head, because of which the hairstyle needs to be simple yet hold the Chunni or head dress in place. For this purpose the versatile bun seems to be a great choice. Make sure it is not too flat or pulled back severely


2. Buns with curls and design

Bridal Hairstyle - 4
If you decide to be a little more stylish with your hairstyle a little more texture can be added to the bun to make it more interesting . This will ideally go for transparent chum is or Dupattas .


3. The Jewelled Braid

Bridal Hairstyle - 1

If you have long hair and if you are used to braiding your hair, here is something that can make it look extra special. In SouthIndia you find these exquisite pieces of Jewellery for the braid . The only hitch is you will have to go with jewellery that goes along with it.the flowers can be minimal and can coordinate with the saree colour.


4. The Flowered Plait

Bridal Hairstyle - 2

The traditional South Indian style where red orange and white flowers are used. Modern day brides have learned to skilfully combine jewels and flowers to give a more beautiful look


5. The pinned up curls look

Bridal Hairstyle - 5

Now popular with brides who cover or do not cover their head. This style can be embellished with different accessories , flowers and gemstones.

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