How To Choose The Ideal Bridal Makeup For You

By on September 4, 2015

Makeup is an essential part of your wedding day and it is of utmost importance to choose the right type of makeup and a makeup artist who can interpret your requirements and likes. She must be able to modify it to best suit your facial features and skin type.

A thorough consultation with your makeup artist is necessary, have a trial at least a month prior to the wedding, this will give you enough time for corrective skin care as well as gives enough time to purchase makeup to suit your skin tone if needed. For the makeup foundation is the most important as this gives you a clean canvass to enhance your looks,foundations are of different kinds and the most effective are these….

Air Brush

Air Brush Foundation
Here the makeup artist uses an air brush machine to do your base and some of them even use is for eye shadow, blush &contouring as well. The advantage of this makeup is that it is water proof and also very gentle on the skin as it is a mist that is sprayed on to the face, airbrush make-up now enables a flawless finish and a light , weightless feel without compromise on durability . It stays on for well over 12 hours and in most cases even a touch up is not required. This needs a highly skilled professional to use. It is truly the best form of hi definition makeup you can find in the market.

Pan Stick

Pan Stick / Derma Colours
For those who do not want to invest in an expensive air brush makeup this will be a good choice ,it is long lasting upto 6 hours and the coverage of blemishes is total ,it also works well with photography and ,the skill of the makeup artist will give you the look you desire. It would require some powdering with a compact in between if the ceremony is too long or if the venue is too warm. A very common type of foundation used by most makeup professionals.


Hi Definition Foundation
Now widely available as personal makeup can last for a few hours if in a controlled temperature, it is not ideal for long rituals and extended time. Foundation has a thinner texture than an airbrush or pan stick and thus not ideal for longer durations. These will be ideal to be used as your personal makeup when you go out for dinners or are on your honeymoon. This an a compact can for an essential part of your daily makeup

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