Beauty Care For The Groom

By on September 4, 2015

While the bride is spending a lot of time at salons and spas, you must be wondering “what must I do to look my best at my wedding?”

The answer is simple. You too must spend a day at the spa and salon. Men have also started paying a lot of attention to their skin & hair.

While hair has always been a priority for men, it has always been a laid back approach in terms of skin. The term ruggedly handsome has seemed to have rubbed off a lot on men. The rugged handsome look may look good for a casual look but this will not work at the time of wedding. You need to look perfectly well-groomed and a little more attention to your looks will work wonders. In my experience as salon owner I have found men walking into the salon always wondering how to communicate their concerns to the salon professionals. Here are a few things you can ask for:

Facial Care
Start off with a consultation at your salon, try to assess with the help of the skin care professional the kind of skin you have, plan out a facial and after care regime so that you look your best on your wedding day . Most good salons have customised treatments for every skin type, follow the frequency suggested at your salon to look your best.

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Have a talk with your stylist, experiment on a few different looks to be certain what looks good on you. Try this a few months prior to the wedding so that even if you find it too short or not to your liking, you can grow it out before the wedding. The length of the style is also dependant on whether you will have a turban or a cap, etc. Try to keep your styles as formal as possible, unless otherwise you feel that there is a style makes me look my best for sure.


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Beard and Moustache
If you choose to keep them make sure they are well trimmed and look really neat. Also check to see if they will go well with the garments you choose to wear at the wedding. If you choose to be clean shaven decide when to shave prior to the ceremonies,this depends solely on your growth pattern. Avoid trying out new products at this time.

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Manicure and Pedicure
As much as you care for your face and hair, caring for your hands and feet is equally important, well-trimmed nails and well moisturised hands are a must , in the same way the feet will have to be taken care dry and dead skin has to be removed a pedicure will take care of this. There will be rituals in which your feet may be exposed and it needs to look good.
Now what are you waiting for, make a dash to the nearest salon.

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