Good Hair Care Routine for Men

By on September 1, 2015

A good hair care routine is the one that is simple, efficient and effective. The chemistry of hair can be tackled right proportion of tools and cosmetics. No matter what hair type and texture you have, a man can get a great looking hair by maintaining these hair care tips. Here they go.



Choose conditioner and shampoo wisely.  You have to choose the products that work well with your hair type. In this way you can make sure that your hair can look the best it can be Sulfate Free shampoos and Silicon- Free Conditioners are the ingredients that act best on hair as they keep hair dry and lively all the time. Check the label for making sure that these chemicals are not there.

Dry hairs can get frizzy. To prevent it look for moisturizing or hydrating products. It should contain oils, butters and nourishing hair ingredients.

For oily or fine hair, you should go for clarifying products that have ingredients like tea chamomile and tea oil.

For breaking hair and frays easily, restorative products have to be looked for that contain proteins like keratin and collagen


Wash your hair like this two to three times a week to maintain a good hair routine. This is to make sure that your hair remains silky and dry throughout the year. Good hair habits are best when they become routine. Once it does, Good Hair Care Routine becomes part and parcel of your life.

Don’t towel or rub your hair roughly. Gently slush it so that the wetness is removed softly. Rough treatment can lead to breakage of hair. If you have a fan or cooler or better a drier, stick on to that while drying your hair. You will get wonderful results in this routine.

Use hygienic hair pastes or gels for arranging your hair. This makes sure that no chemical affects your hair and is free from breakage. Make sure that these products are friendlier to your hair. Use a gel or pomade but not too much. Alcohol free gels dry your hair. Simultaneously for curly hair, use gels or pomade sparingly because they hare thicker and harder to penetrate. Once gel gets inside, it will be stagnant there for larger time. 4

After you apply the needed gel, comb your hair so that your hair gets style. Once you have right combination of all above, you can try out different hairstyles. Products differ from person to person, so you can also take Doctor’s advice is following a prescribed cosmetics. Don’t blow your hair maniacally. Natural drying is suited most of the times like natural air, fan air or air cooler.

Unkempt hair is a bane to many men. This can be avoided by regularly visiting barber and do the necessary trimming. Not only to look good, but also a contribution to economy in terms of money and hair. Wigs can be made out of your fine hair and you can be the privileged customer to any salon you go! Following this Good Hair Care Routine not only makes you look good but also adds goodwill to your face. Remember, “First impression is the last impression!”

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