Countdown to a Beautiful Bride

By on September 1, 2015

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day, but a beautiful bride doesn’t happen all in a day’s work.

A beauty regimen starting around 3 months prior to the wedding will help you become a picture perfect bride. Here are a few things to follow starting from 90 days before the day.

1. It’s time to think and plan. This is the time when you book your stylist , makeup artist, spa therapist and beauty professional . It is important that you fix a 90 day countdown regime.

2. Start deciding your look for the D-day whether you want to look traditional, contemporary or glamorous. Going through wedding and fashion magazines and collecting cutouts of styles you like is a good idea, as it will help in communicating your desired look to the stylist. Be realistic in what you expect and make efforts to rectify shortcomings that can be changed.

3. Once you finalise your beauty profession, start with the treatments they advice, it also best time to try out a facial or any other service for the first time.

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4. They may advice you to grow, trim or color your hair, so get the makeover completed now. While choosing your hair colour, keep in mind your complexion as well as the colour of your bridal ensemble. Don’t go overboard at any cost!

5. Embarking on a thorough skin care routine is of utmost importance ,NOW! Visit a dermatologist and also consult a cosmetologist to know more about your skin type and the kind of treatments and products which suit your particular skin type.

6. As much as a skin care is important. a daily walk or an exercise regime will help you shed those few extra weight .

7. Start on chemical treatments if necessary and finish at least a month prior to the wedding . This gives enough time for the skin to heal.

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8. If shedding a few extra kilos is on your priority list, go ahead! Meet a health expert and discuss an ideal diet and fitness program for your body type. Body contouring, figure correction therapies, inch loss programs and anti-cellulite massages are a few choices that will help you get the curves that deserve to fit into your much-awaited wedding outfit.

9. Also take time to go to a good dentist and get them to start working on giving you those pearly whites. There are techniques such as lamination that can make you teeth look great.

10. For those planning to go in for a full body wax before the wedding, taking a trial session now is a good idea. In case it doesn’t suit you, you’ll have much time to try other solutions for hair removal. Bleaching is a suggested option instead of waxing, particularly for the chest area. For the bikini area, choose only a specialist as it is highly delicate area requiring extra special care.

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11. It’s also a great idea to start spa treatments such as body polishing , body bleach and body packs. Waxing treatments if for the first time needs to be done NOW.

12. If you are planning to get any piercing done (nose, ears) it’s better to get them done now since there will be loads of healing time. Also brides with small earring hole need to wear heavier earrings to be able to wear heavier jhumkas for the wedding.

13. Try to stop doing your eyebrows to let it grow well and give it a perfect shape at least 3 months before the wedding, it will grow out and be ready to be shaped in time for all your functions.

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