6 Pre-Wedding Beauty Treatments You Must Do

By on September 4, 2015

A bride has to take extra care of her skin to look her best on her wedding day. Getting a proper skin care package can get you to have a glowing skin, which radiates your inner beauty.



Facial and Skin Treatment

Based on the condition of the skin, it is essential to go in for a consultation with a beauty therapist in order to decide on the skin care necessary for your face. It can either be a moisturising facial or a treatment if there is presence of acne or scars. It is always advisable to meet your aesthetician at least 3 months prior to the wedding as it takes that long to get rid of acne,pimples or scars. Your aesthetician may advise a series of treatments in that case. A good skin at the time of wedding will radiate a lot of glow to the face. The makeup that you get done will enhance the beauty and make you look just gorgeous.


Most brides have a mehendi ceremony and your hands are showcased at that time it is essential to have well-manicured nails,extensions can also be done if you are unable to grow out your nails. There would be a lot of pictures with your mehendi, bangles, etc. so it is best that your hands are taken care to look their best.

Pedicure-Day Spa Kelowna

Just as the hands your feet also get a lot of attention with mehendi,anklets, and toe rings they form an essential part of the bridal ceremonies and so has to look their best. You can also go with long lasting gel polishes such that the last throughout the wedding celebrations.

A must for every bride, so that she has silky smooth skin which looks and feels good. If you have never done waxing start at least 3 months prior to the wedding. Now there are great Bio waxes which are in fact less painful and hair growth a little delayed.

Body Exfoliation

Body exfoliation gets rid of all the unwanted dead skin throughout the body, it all give a smooth feel to the skin. It also gets rid of all the rough patches and dead skin. Combined with a body massage or a winotherapy it can also help relax the mind and tone the body.

Eyebrows - Examiner
Eyebrow / Upper lip Threading

Eyebrows are a must in giving the right look to the face. Try growing it out for a few months and give it a shape that best compliments the face. Upper lip should also be removed as it can give an ugly shadow around the mouth after makeup is done.

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