A Guide To The Bride’s Dream Wedding Ceremony

By on July 30, 2015

All brides have their own unique vision of what they want during their ceremonies; however, there are always certain things that overlap with all of them. whether these are décor related wishes or things that they want on an emotional level, here are some of the things that all brings want when getting married:

A beautiful mandap

The mandap is where the pheras take place, along with the havan. When brides think about the wedding stage, they always dream of beautifully decorated and, most importantly, comfortable stages where they can be surrounded by their friends and loved ones.


A stunning wedding dress

Whether you want a designer lehenga, or a budget friendly one, the dress itself has to be stunning. Though everyone’s definition of the word stunning certainly differs, it’s one thing that all brides want during their wedding.


Tasty food!

After all the ceremonies involving garlands, pheras and hours of sitting still on a stage while posing with countless relatives, one of the only things a bride wants at the end of it all is FOOD. Well prepared, tasty food that can kill the hunger in her belly. Catering is definitely important!


Her family and friends

On the most important day of her life, every bride wants to be surrounded by the people she loves so that she can feel their love and blessings around her.


A good photographer

A terrible wedding photographer is one that makes your makeup look garish and your clothes look either too bright or too bleached. Having a good photographer is extremely important to all brides. Many even choose to have pre-wedding shoots or candid shoots while they are getting ready or enjoying themselves during any of the ceremonies.


Let’s face it, all that heavy wedding attire coupled with the bright lights can lead to the bride feeling way too hot. One of the most important things during the wedding is to have good air conditioning or nice, large fans if the ceremony is taking place outside.


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