6 Ways To Add Glamour To Your Wedding Wardrobe

By on September 7, 2015

Who doesn’t want to sizzle on their wedding day? After all we are treated nothing less than a super star on that day! The bride especially would want to bedazzle everyone around, and freeze those moments and cherish them lifelong.  So let’s start on some tips, that every bride can include for her Wedding wardrobe, so that she’s the cynosure of all eyes on her D day. Dresses and the overall attires can vary from bride to bride, based on the region from where she hails, to the traditional rituals she has to perform on her wedding day, to her comfort and the glamour quotient.


Choice of fabric: Choosing the fabric of your attire is very essential to add glamour to your trousseau. After all, your attire could look completely different, depending upon the choice of fabric used to create the bridal outfit. Satin, velvet and silk are the real deal makers for wedding sarees, lehengas & gowns. To add a contemporary look to your trousseau, you can ask your designer to innovatively use chiffon and gorgette to take it up a notch on the glamour quotient.


Choose the colour: Well, we all know how important a role, the colour of your bridal attire is going to play. After all, it pronounces what you set out to declare with your bridal dress. Be it dreamy pastels, exquisite gold, silver and copper shades or the striking red, all of them have their place in pronouncing and adding to the glamour quotient of your bridal trousseau, when used appropriately with the right fabric. Royal blues, Ink green gowns, pretty pink, add their royalty in your trousseau.

Rhinestones and glitter on your attire: You can always, increase the glamour quotient by creatively using rhinestones, crystals, beads, pearls, gemstones and other glitterati to your bridal attire. Gorgeous gowns decorated creatively with rhinestones, sarees with beadworks and Swarovski’s fitting in the right places, and lehengas donned up with perfect little crystals, can transform even a simplistic design of a wedding trousseau into something glamorous.

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Accessories: What better way to add glamour to your wedding attire, than to compliment it with the right set of accessories? Gold, is and has always been the go-to choice for all brides to up their glamour quotient, and mind you it never fails. Be is heavy gold jewellery or subtle hints, the necklaces, long chains, earrings, maang tika, the kangans, all add their bit to make the bride look more beautiful.

We see a lot of north Indian weddings, incorporating kundan jewellery to match with their bridal attires. Kundan jewellery are exquisite glasswork jewellery and stone designer jewellery, which add to the royalty of the bridal attire.
Christian wedding gowns can notch up their glamour quotient by adding a delicately stoned crown piece, or tiara to pronounce royalty of the whole wedding affair. After all when you feel like a princess on your wedding day, why not look like one?

Bridal veils and sashes: The perfect veil or sash can add glamour to your wedding attire, when used appropriately. The sheerness of the fabric, the rich colour, the stone work or crystal work on it, all go a long way in contributing to your perfect wedding attire.

The artwork or embroidery: When choosing the artisan to create your wedding trousseau, be careful to choose the right kind of embroidery, mirror work, stonework or patchwork to bring out and show off the glamour in your bridal attire. The richness of the kanta work, stone and mirror work in Rajasthan & Gujarat bridal attires, the heaviness of the kundan work so pronounced in North Indian bridal trousseau, or the rich embroidery with stonework enveloping the Kancheevarams of the South, all create an added effect to the wedding dress.

With all these tips in mind, carefully choose your wedding trousseau to add glamour to your wedding wardrobe. As I mentioned before, what better than to feel the royalty, is to look the royalty!

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