Attending a Wedding? Here are 12 hair accessories you can try

By on July 30, 2015

When attending someone else’s wedding, it’s important to look good but not overdo it. One of the newest trends in wedding fashion that is being followed by most women today includes using different hair accessories. This lets you look dressed up without being too flashy. Here are some accessories that you can choose for the wedding:

Mang Tikka

The Mang Tikka has made an amazing comeback over the last few years, especially after the release of Dedh Ishqiya. Whether you choose to wear two or one, this is one accessory that combines traditional jewelry with contemporary fashion.


Studded Headband

A studded headband can look amazing during the less formal ceremonies such as the engagement or the sangeet. You can make your outfit look quirky and fun with this.



This age old hair accessory is essentially a fake braid that is tied to the end of your braid, making it look longer and fuller.



Ribbons are ideal for an elegant yet girlie look. Mix and match colors with your outfit for maximum effect.


Hair extensions

Want your hair to look longer but don’t want to be limited to a braid? Hair extensions are ideal if you want to style your hair differently and have it still look fuller.


Colored thread

This was a big trend a few years ago. Like the studded headband, it’s ideal for less formal ceremonies.


Swarovski studs

Many women pin up Swarovski studs in their hair for their hairdo to look more opulent.07


Going for a casual-hippie like look? Feathers are the best way to achieve this!



Get the princess vibe with a tiny tiara during the sangeet or cocktail night.


Strings of studs

Strings of studs are currently very much in vogue. Add these to your hair for a funky look.


A crown of flowers

Ideal for day events, such as the mehendi or the chooda ceremony, a crown of flowers can give you a fresh and adorable vibe.


Funky clips

If all else fails, you can always fall back on using funky clips to look cute.


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