10 Tips To Get The Best Wedding Photos

By on September 1, 2015

Your wedding pictures are the most important memories you will carry to all your future generations. It will be the only reminder to relive you wedding day after all the festivities are over and you settle into your new life. Here are some tips to make sure you are getting the most kickass photos for your wedding photography investment!

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1. First of all you should like your photographer, you should be able to have a great rapport with and someone you can trust to capture your memories for you. When you choose someone like that it help you emote better for pictures, the photographer should be able to bring out the best in you by keeping you cheerful to capture the best emotions and moments.

2. Time
Create your wedding day timeline for you to make sure you have adequate time for photos – plus that is one less thing for you to worry about! Apart from time spent with family and friends you should set aside time for portfolio like shots.

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3. Light
Make sure that the lights at the wedding or reception venue is adequate and also does not interfere with photographic shots.too many coloured lights or too much white light can interfere with getting great candid shots.when having out door location make sure there is adequate lighting or ask you photographer to bring out door lighting to get the best shots.

4. Make sure you hire a professional for Hair and Makeup, you will be taking a lot of photographs on your wedding day, make sure you turn out the best. The makeup artist should be able to enhance or minimise your best or worst features. Doing the makeup base to the right shade is most important. Have atrial make up done before the wedding day , take a few pictures to see if you look your best. Hair also will have to be set in a style that best suits your face.


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5. The photographer will have to be informed about the important guests and family from both sides , so that he does not miss out on essential moments to be captured. Give a run down of all events that will take place and make sure he has a timeline for these events.

6. Every bride will have important items that needs to be photographed such as the wedding cards, mangalsutra, jewellery, rings etc., these need to be kept near to where the bride is getting ready so that they can be photographed in detail.


7. Make sure that not only you but all the bridesmaids have everything in order so that not one of them miss the dress code that you have planned. Same goes for bridegroom side as well.

8. Keep an emergency make up kit with you in case you need to powder or replenish your lipstick mid way through the festivities. A spare pair of shoes will also be helpful in case you need to change

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9. The venue at the reception also needs to be photographed before the guests arrive. Make sure that all the decoration work is finished at least an hour prior to the ceremony. Ask you photographer to capture detailing in flower and table arrangements etc,.

10. Above all relax while you get photographed and enjoy the moments.

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