The South Indian Wedding Menu

By on September 4, 2015

Most of us have been to South Indian weddings where the traditional ‘virunthu’ is served on a banana leaf, ideally eaten with your fingers and, is a treat to the eye and palate.

Wedding Meal

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Most weddings serve a vegetarian menu but the fare is so grand that one does not miss a non-vegetarian meal. The virunthu starts off with a sweet such as a Jangiri or an Halwa or kesari. The rest of the side dishes are served from left to right starting with salt, pickles, avial, poriyal and a kootu.

Foreigners Enjoying An Indian Meal


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The main dishes in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada weddings are similar in nature, while there are some local specialities that are included. The main dish is usually rice where a generous amount of Ghee is poured over it. Then comes hot dhal and sambar along with a big, crispy appalam.

In more elaborate menus, pooris and chappathis are served before the rice. Additionally, a small portion of vegetable biriyani or pulao is also served. After sambar, there is Rasam, vatha kuzhambu and curd.

Pan Beeda


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The virunthu is usually finished with sweets such as payasam, badam kheer and ice cream. The final touch is the Pan Beeda which is stuffed with condiments and rolled into a particular shape.

This meal is usually served after the muhurat. As most wedding ceremonies are in the morning for the South Indian wedding this menu is usually a lunch menu.

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