About Metro Weddings India

We believe that weddings are much more than the union of two souls. It’s the coming together of two families, a reunion for old friends, the blossoming of many personal and business relationships and more.

Amidst these fun times comes the pain of choosing dresses, sifting venues, experimenting caterers, browsing the Internet at 2 AM in hopes of finding the perfect wedding theme…

Tiring isn’t it? Well, not any more…

Metro Weddings India is your one-stop online guide to planning a big fat Indian wedding.

We’re packed with a cornucopia of ideas and inspiration that help you right from planning your engagement to choosing your honeymoon destination.

Metro Weddings India is curated by Shibani Nelson, celebrity stylist and founder of Anushka Salon and Spa.

For sales and partnership enquiries, please write to: metroweddingsindia@gmail.com